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Businesses and even home require a one-time cleaning service for various reasons.

 Such a cleaning service may include many tasks as this type of cleaning is done only one time. For example, for moving out can be considered as one-time cleaning. The single instance type of cleaning requires flexibility in work to meets clients’ demands and is completely different from all other cleaning services.

Many clients give a short notice request for such janitorial service. Some cleaning companies offer these services but some may not. It is always better to contact the cleaning company to know the core services they provide.

The single instance cleaning is also known as temporary cleaning.

Certainly, you would want to do it by yourself, but it is best to hire a cleaning company and save time. Having a professional cleaner come also reduces your own stress level and allow you to focus on other things. Now raises the question about where this one-time cleaning can be used.

Single instance cleaning is suitable for scenarios such as office and business moves, medical and retail office spaces where deep cleaning is required. Any inaugurations, parties or events can prompt for a one-time cleaning requirement. Even large data centers and technology closet requires cleaning of the sensitive equipment.

Why CTC maids commercial cleaners?

CTC maids are highly experienced in various types of cleaning situations that reduce the hassle you experience during the chaotic time. We have experience in technology-specific cleaning that will help you care your equipment in the best possible way.

Whatever space you needed to clean in one-off cleaning session, you can get in touch with our experts to take the stress from your shoulder. For appointments and free quotes, don’t hesitate to call on 055-5563639/0547674461


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