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cleaning equipments tips

After lots of cleaning sessions, your cleaning equipment can accumulate a lot of unseen dirt and germs on it.

 It is mandatory to keep it clean so that when you use it for the next cleaning session; you will get a refreshed look and hygienic feel.

But do you know the methods of keeping your cleaning equipment in good and functional condition? Well here are the general habits to inculcate. Like, cleaning and storing the equipment correctly after every use, removing any liquids that may have been contaminated and never putting equipment away unless it's ready for the next day's use. That sounds like a lot right! Lets us bifurcate all these in the simple and easy way.

Storing: The first thing you should look at is the way in which you store the equipment when you are not using it. For example, brushes and brooms which are stored poorly can have bristles bent out of shape. So it is better to store them like a paintbrush with the brush head at the top.

Anything that is wet or has excess water should be shaken or wrung out completely and they should be placed in a well-ventilated area. This will reduce the chance of growing mold or on it.

Be careful to keep away any wet mops away from wooden appliances. As any dripping can cause damage to the lining of the cupboardCleaning solution or products should be kept away or locked out. You must check these supplies for any leak and add extra protection with plastic.

Maintenance: Most of the cleaning supplies are electricity based. To keep them clean can be a daunting task. Small precaution on early stage can help in the long-term usability of the appliances.  

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